Refund Policy

Refund Policy:

We aim to provide convenience and ease to our customers, we devised a refund policy, and its major points are as follows:

We provide you 3-day refund policy. For us, Customer satisfaction is our main priority. Our refund policy is as simple as our customer wants and he will feel very convenient and easy while asking about refund schemes. The laptops should bring physically to the shop, BaBa Turi provides three days refund policy for all electronic items purchased from the store or receipt by courier to our valued clients.

For any queries contact (cell#) and register your complaint. Our team contacts you to get further assistance.

If u find any product query, feel free to contact and send the product’s video by mentioning its fault on (website). Our technical team will guide you if any technical fault occurs. If the product is full of fallacy kindly take it to our office we will exchange your product or refund you.

Send the product back and let us know the other product of your choice. The desired product will be delivered to your place.

The customer should have an unboxing video to make us assure that the product delivered is somehow torn or broken.


Get in touch with us for any query, submit your complaint on the given link:

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