Waterproof Bicycle LED Head Light


Key Features

  • The headlights features strong brightness, long range riding at night can illuminate the road ahead, making you ride safer.
  • Seven lamps are powered by 2 AA batteries. Convenient to replace battery.
  • Great waterproof effect. Can be used in rainy days. It is light weight so does not affect the riding. Make you ride more comfortable



  • The headlights features strong brightness, long range riding at night can illuminate the road ahead, making you ride safer.
  • Seven lamps are powered by 2 AA batteries. Convenient to replace battery.
  • Great waterproof effect. Can be used in rainy days. It is light weight so does not affect the riding. Make you ride more comfortable.
  • Super bright light with 7 LED bulbs, the maximum brightness can be up to 10000Lm.
  • Simple one button operation, intelligent circuit control, 3 working modes for High / Middle / Strobe.
  • Packaged with a high capacity 8.4V 8000mAh rechargeable 18650 li-ion battery pack as the power source which supports providing a steady current and voltage.
  • High quality aluminum alloy reflector and 160 degree wide light angle, high efficiency light output.
  • Designed with excellent cooling system, widely used in cycling, camping, fishing and mounting etc.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Power: 5w
  • Packing: Box
  • Power Supply Mode: Use 2 AA batteries (without battery)
  • Light type: Headlight


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