USB Printer Cable (10m)

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Key Features

  • A male to USB B Male print cable
  • A standard Type-A USB connector on one end
  • A standard Type-B connector on the other
  • Plug Type-A connector into your computer
  • Plug Type-B connector into a device with a Type-B port.


Our USB 10350 5ft/1.5m with A male to USB and B male to print cable is now available with a standard Type-A USB connector to be connected on end of the cable while the other standard size Type-B connector to the other end. Now you can enjoy sharing and transferring huge data files to your friends by this brand new Printer cable it is very practical to use and easily portable, you can carry it anywhere with you due to its light weight. Use our USB Port in your car conveniently to avoid any waste of time.

USB Printer Cable consists of 2 connectors _ one with USB 2.0 Type B Male and the latter with USB 2.0 Type A Male. All you need to do is, plug Type-A connector to your laptop or computer and plug the Type-B connector into the output device with a Type-B port.

Besides, With a typical high speed rate of 48O Mb/s, it is compatible with almost all of the PCs or Mobile devices and permits the excellent data transfer without any loss. It supports the plug and play. Printer cable has braid shielding that allows maximum conductivity further minimizing the loss of data. Manufactured from bare copper conductors with flexible gold plated shielding, it doesn’t break easily and is corrosion free thus promising a long and durable life. The Type B connector can be inserted in any device, may it be, printer, scanner, USB hub, label printer etc.


  • Connector
  • USB 2.0 Type B Male Connector
  • USB 2.0 Type A Male
  • USB 2.0 standard high speed rate up to 480 Mb/s.

Fully compatible with PC and Mac Supports Plug and Play Corrosion-resistant bare copper conductors, gold plated connector and foil & braid shielding provide maximum conductivity and minimize data loss.


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