USB Ports Hub (4.2 A)(Remax)


Key Features

  • Remax Alien Series RU-S4 5 USB Ports Hub and 6 Universal Plug 4.2A
  • EU Plug Remax RU-S4 is an electric plug with USB Charger.
  • There are 6 universal power outlets and 5 USB Ports so you can use various devices while charging the smartphone using only 1 device 5 USB Ports Remax RU-S4 has 5buah USB Port.
  • You can have available ports according to the voltage requirements of your smartphone or tablet.
  • 6 Electric Plug It has 6 pieces of universal litrik plugs that you can use to striking a variety of electronic devices.


Let’s engage yours a lot of electric and digital devices into a Remax RU-S4 from the collection of switches of babaturi. It is an electrical plug with a USB charger. This USB port Hub enables you to attach 5 USB or USB cables to charge your smartphones, tablets, and other purposes. Available ports for charging keep the voltage according to your smartphone or tablets. Moreover there are six universal power outlets or plugs as well from which you can plug in a variety of electronic devices and systematically manage your lots of tasks just like Remax 4 usb ports with 3 plugs Buy power strip or five port hub at an affordable price from here with efficient services and free delivery all over Pakistan.


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