Sense-8 Universal Fast Charge (30000mAh) (Romoss)

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Key Features

  • Lighter, safer and higher in capacity than traditional battery.
  • Two USB Charging Port Enables to charge two mobile devices at a go Fast Charging.
  • Uses a rapid input charging system which is triple as fast as normal charging.
  • Compatible Devices For mobile phones and tablets.



Don’t stick to the power stations anymore and enjoy every bit of your adventure time!

Universal Fast Charge Romoss Power Bank proffered to you by Baba turi provides you the ease of 1 week worry free power of your device. The high capacity 30,000 mAh Li-ion battery gives 4 full charges to Nintendo switch, 12.6 to iPhone, 7.2 to Samsung and 4 full charges to iPad mini. This type of nearly unlimited power supply is a divine for gamers, for camping, hiking, travelling and all kinds of events.

This particular Power Bank uses a rapid input charging system which is triple times as fast as normal charging. It only takes 10 hours for its full charge with the help of an 18W wall charger. Although it features 3 input methods including Micro USB, Lightening and Type-C, you only need one cable for a recharge at a particular time.

Moreover, two USB charging ports enable you to charge 2 devices at a go. One for 5V – 2.1A and the second port for 5V – 1A. The Battery Bank charges QC- Support devices up-to 80% in a span of just 35 minutes i.e. 4 times faster than conventional chargers. Rest assured, it causes no harm to your device battery and is completely safe to use.

Apart from high battery capacity, the built-in intelligent safety system ensures complete protection for you and your devices from the issues like over-charging, over-heat production or short circuit etc.

This Portable charger is unconditionally convenient to carry around, you don’t have to carry an additional bag for it as it can even fit in your pockets.

So, Enjoy your travel and adventure without worries by placing your orders right now.

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  • High Capacity 30000mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Input: Lightning , Micro USB , TYPE C
  • Output:1* 5V-2.1A , 1* 5V-1A
  • Lighter, safer and higher in capacity than traditional battery
  • Two USB Charging Port


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