Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Curved Glass Protector


Key Features

  • High-quality tempered glass screen protector
  • Round edge design allows smooth fit and improved chip resistance
  • 9H glass protects the original screen from shattering
  • Provides high definition clarity, Easy to clean



Is your cell phone brand new? Are you afraid of its screen breakage? If you want to save your precious mobile from heart break shattering than you can consider our Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Curved Glass Protector on Baba

Glass protector is high-quality tempered glass screen protector which can save your glass screen from shattering. It is specifically designed to fit Samsung Galaxy S6 EDGE. Moreover, Built-in anti-shatter film protects the device, in the event of breaking tempered glass breaks into small pieces that stick together, making it safer for users. Also, Silicone bubble-free adhesive adheres to the tablet’s screen without any gaps or bubbles.

Samsung S6 glass protectors has Round edge design allows smooth fit and improved chip resistance. And Oleo phobic coating prevents excessive fingerprinting and stains. 9d screen protectors protects the original screen from shattering. Further, it provides high definition clarity on screen. And it is very easy to clean.


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