Professional Lavalier Mic


Key Features

  • Suitable for mobile phones, computers and other devices.
  • 360°rotary clip allows you to easily clip it to your collar, tie or pocket.
  • A foam cap protects your mic from wind noise and spit.
  • Great for audio, video recording and hands-free mic speaking.



Are you a professional photographer or have an interest to make recording?  Lavalier Mic is an ability to record clear and high quality voice to make your videos and recording professional. It has a 3.5mm jeck that can be attached with all kinds of iPhone, iPad, some Andriod devices, computer and loudspeaker. It has high sensitivity to capture every sound around you as well as wide frequency response to record voices. Lavalier microphone is covered with a foam cap which is used to protect the mic from wind noise and spits. Further, it has long cable of 1.5 meter for your convenience to move it everywhere during recoding. As well, it is suitable in many places like journalist’ interview recording, daily life recording, live video recording and online teaching video recording etc. you can store the mic in a covering bad and carry it. Apart from it, you can also go through with other brands like Bova Mic and Laviler Mic.


  • Professional ferrous metal mini Lavalier Mic, suitable for mobile phones, computers and other devices.
  • Wire: PVC wire Φ 2.0 * 1.5 m
  • Interface: standard equipped with gold-plated 3.5mm straight plugs
  • Microphone: -30dB ± 2dB, professional microphone for the mobile phone
  • Product weight: about 30 g


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