P2P Portable Wi-Fi IP Camera


Key Features

  • For Indoor Security Camera Use
  • Night Vision Feature
  • No of Channels: 1
  • Real-time Video recording,
  • Built-in microphone
  • 7/24hrs working
  • Motion Detection and Night Vision Function


This camera offers you a view on what is going on in your home, business, and even school without physically being present. The motion-activated camera is super small and offers 720p home security. Its also lightweight camera and easy to carry. Supports WiFi wireless network access, Supports tablet/PC/smart phone APP P2P live view, and 7/24hrs working with outlet power supply.

The P2P IP camera allows you to monitor whole pictures of particular place 7/24 hours on your iPhone, Android phone, iPad, or tablets quickly where ever you want to go with secure feelings of being protected by your family or business. You can also watch the performance of your employees and also instruct them to improve their mistakes on this security camera via dual streamline to listen and talk on it, make you feel connected. Further, you can also record unlimited videos and pictures by inserting an SD Card of 32 GB as well as transfer and save your data on your computer or laptop easily. Moreover, you can plug it in power supply and make a recording or watch live on your smartphone.


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