Mini Spy Hidden Camera Full HD 1080P By SQ12 Waterproof


Key Features

● High-quality and high-definition image FULL HD 1080P DV DC
● 155-degrees wide-angle lens
● Compact design, portable handheld DV DC
● Can record high-definition video in low light
● Video format:1280×720P
● Video format:1920×1080P
● Camera mode:12M(4032×3024)
● Motion detection recording:720P and 1080P
● High-speed transmission USB 2.0 interface
● Maximum compatible with 32G T-flash card
● TV-OUT can Connect to the TV display
● Built-in lithium battery for up to 60 minutes recording continuous



Now you do not need to miss your adventurous moments underwater or on rainy days with waterproof Camera. Baba Turi introduced this particular product for adventurous and selfie lovers who wants to store every moment in their memories for a lifetime. SQ12 Full HD camera has a broad angle view of 155 degrees to capture the whole scene in one picture. You can enjoy smooth and clear videos and unlimited photos from this mini1080P DVR Camera Recorder. Because of its waterproof quality, you can use it to discover the world underwater and record the beautiful moments of nature for your whole life. It also has a night vision function that facilitates you to record the videos from up to 8 meters distance in low dim or dark places or at night so that you do not need to miss your pleasurable and precious events due to dim lights. Furthermore, SQ12 waterproof mini DV allows you to record the videos for about 80 minutes continuously with one charge because of its 200 mah built-in li-battery. Moreover, you can enhance the storage capacity by inserting a 32 GB memory card and enjoy unlimited video and snapshot recording.

Charging and recording at the same time:

The camera will get into the 720P recording mode directly when inserting the TF card, plug the USB-TV cable, external 5V USB power or charger (mobile power) if there is no manual stop, the camera will keep recording until the card is full or without battery, you can also stop recording manually and turn it into any mode.

1. Make sure that the camera has been inserted with T-flash (Micro SD) card, if no, the double flash red and blue lights will not work properly.
2. Please keep the lens at the distance of 50 cm or more in the environment with sufficient lighting. The picture color is naturaller, the scenery is clear and the picture is more stable.


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