Mini HD Camera


Key Features 

  • Record all indoor/outdoor memories through HD Camcoder
  • Video-audio Nightvision Camera.
  • Detect any Motion, and start recording
  • Support TV OUT TV monitor video connection
  • Rechargeable Built-in lithium battery up to 100 minutes


Now, you can secure your precious items, documents, places, or essential conversation through a tiny hidden camcorder. provides Record Memories through HD Camera to make videos and snapshots of high definition Full HD 1080P results of any suspicious or doubtful event or person which you feel about recording. Also, the secret camcorder allows you to make an unlimited recording of 100 minutes with one charge as the camera is a built-in high capacity lithium battery. Mini spy camcorder is suitable for indoor and outdoor purposes, such as recording any vital conversation, meeting, conference, or interviews smartly.


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