Hidden Book Safe With Digital Lock


Key Features

  • Book looks like a real, hidden dictionary design
  • Ideal for storing valuables
  • Material: Steel plate, plastic
  • Perfect for hiding cash, jewelry, collectibles, watches,credit card, etc


Key Features

This book looking locker conceals your cash, credit cards, jewelry, and many other valuables with-in its disguise.

The digital safe box is manufactures from steel and plastic on the outside whereas, the inside is made from cardboard sheet. This Book safe facilitates you with the security that you can trust. The digital lock combination makes it a great safe keeping space. You don’t have to keep account of your locker keys anymore, all you need to do is, dial your security code (3 number combination code) and withdraw your valuables anytime without a problem.

What’s more, various sizes and colors of this book locker are available on our website, you can choose the features that suit you the best of all. It is available in three colors (i.e. black, navy and red) and in two sizes (i.e. small and full size). Exterior Dimensions: 7.2×4.6×2.2 inches (small size) and 9.5×6.2×2.2 inches (full size) with the interior Dimensions: 6.5×4.3×1.6 inches (small size) and 9.2×5.7×1.6 inches (full size).

If you are a curious person and love having interesting things at home, then don’t miss out on this perfect purchase product and get your hands on it as soon as possible.


  • Length : 18 cm
  • Height : 11.5 cm
  • Height : 5.5 cm


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