Food Storage Jar (2500 ml)

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Key Features

  • Grocery Container
  • Material: Plastic
  • Airtight
  • Dishwasher Safe, Microwave Safe, Freezer Safe



  • We often buy Dry foods in plastic or paper bags, that have a high risk of bursting open and spilling the contents all over your kitchen cupboards or pantry shelves!
  • The solution to this problem lies in Food storage containers, that help keep everything fresh while preventing food spillage. 2500 ml Airtight Food Storage Jar now available on Babaturi contains a central division to keep various type of food supplies in a single container. This jar maximizes the storage capacity by accommodating different type of foods within a single space. Convenient to dose flour, rice, sugar, cereals or noodles, you can store 2 different type of nuts in one box. The Cereal jar preserve the cereals while occupying minimum space in your kitchen cabinet or over the kitchen island. Food Storage box saves you the hassle of finding what you are looking for, as you can easily locate the needed entity from a far.
  • Now keep pulses, grains, flour, grains, dry fruits, snacks, pasta, rice and so much more in Dry food storage jar. With Airtight sealed lid, food stays fresh for a long while. 2 clips provide their best to lock and secure the lid to cover the jar to evade any spillage.
  • Apart from everythingour several Compartment Food Storage jar is designed to provide a strong hold, to keep the jar from slipping while you are stirring and pouring at the same time. From the dispenser hole, pour out the material you need.
  • High quality transparent plastic material is used for its manufacture. With 100% BPA-free, non-toxic plastic, this Food storage container is biologically safe, eco-friendly and long lasting. Use it for microwave purposes, freezer, or wash it with a dishwasher, it won’t lose its quality.
  • Refill & Emptying : To refill or emptying the container, remove the lid and fill the container with Pulses, Cereals, Dry fruits and whatever you want to store, close the lid and rotate the lid to choose the compartment to pour out from.


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