Electric Heater (Ketao)


Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Safety switch at the bottom
  • 400 W / 800 W two Power regulation




Let be cozy by the electric heater in winter and even no need to arrange a long gas pipe. It is portable and can use indoor or outdoor at any time.

Risk-free design: The smart design is convenient to keep by its handle.

  • Narrow grill; prevents any risk, especially in case of kids.
  • Safety switch; a button at its lower surface that protects from any danger. Whenever the heater is not at the proper and balanced surface, it does not operate that avoid any unwanted event.


Power supply 400/800: you can set the power supply as your demand. Such quality of heater makes it reasonable and preferable that anyone can afford it easily, even as having less budget.

Dual heat level: that can set according to your requirement. It will be at your doorstep wherever you want.


  • 400 W / 800 W two Power regulation
  • Safety switch at the bottom
  • 3 x 0.75 mm 2 cable with 1.8 meter length
  • Rated Frequency : 800 W


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