Electric Fan Heater (FH03)(2000 W)


Key Features

  • Cool/warm/hot wind for selection
  • Automatic control temperature
  • Overheating protection
  • Power indicator light



Let’s heat your environment and be comfortable through an electric fan heater of Babaturi. It has outstanding quality as its fantastic features just like our other electric heaters.

levels of heat : there is two levels of heat: 1000/2000 W, which you can set according to your requirement.

Different modes : there are various modes which enable it not only for warm the surroundings; in fact, the cooling mode also produces cold wind according to your temperature. Such kind of modes makes it possible to use in both summer and winter weather.

Automatic control temperature/ Overheat protection: everything is to be suitable when it is in its limits. So it also maintains its temperature.

It has also Power indicator light to make its usage more convenient. Additionally, the fan heater price in Pakistan is very affordable here as well. So hurry up and add this product in your life.


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