Dual Head Electric Car Fan

3,000.00 2,199.00

Key Features

  • 360 degree adjustable, bring you all-around coolness in the hot summer.
  •  Lightweight and with low noise.
  •  With small power, save more electricity and petrol.
  •  Small sized, but can generate strong wind.
  •  Speed up the air circulation in your car and drive off the strange odor.
  •  Suitable for most vehicles, such as car, truck and bus, etc.



Say goodbye to heated and suffocated atmosphere and cool down your car with dual fan for carElectric fan for cars is one of preferable product of car in babaturi car gadgets category. It is dual head and dual blades. Dual fan for cars consumes only 12 V that saves more electricity and petrol. This car fan is light weight that you can attach it on your dashboard or arm rest area without hurting them because of adhesive stickers. You can adjust the air flow as well in winter for defrosting your car and in summer for cooling your car,truck,bus or ansy sort of vehicle. Dual electric fan is low noise motor that generates strong wind which is 360 degree adjustable for comforting you by ventilating unwanted smells and releases fresh environment for enjoying your ride. The design of this product is safe for your passengers and your car as well. Except it you can also organize your car by using mobile holder.


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