Double Sided Handheld Shower


Key Features

  • Double Sided Shower Head
  • Hand Held Shower
  • High Pressure Mist Shower
  • High Pressure Rain Shower
  • Shower Gel Sprayer
  • Double Sided Spray Shower
  • SPA Shower Head


Hand shower is best for getting an ideal and pleasant shower. It can reach all sides of your body easily and you can wash your body with more effectively. It has a pressurizing and double-sided rain shower outlet technology.

Moreover, it has three adjustable modes which has bring advancement in nowadays shower.

  • Bathing mode: It is a pressurized water saving mode which relaxes your muscles and removes tightness of body.
  • SPA mode: This mode sprays fine spray of water with built in shower gel which can make you feel like having spa in spa bars.
  • Stopping mode: It is a constant temperature mode; you can switch to this mode for changing temperature.

In order to avoid repeated extrusion of the shower gel bottle during the bathing process, it has a detachable filling space in the middle of the shower head, allowing you to open the lid and freely add shower gel, essential oil, perfume, soap and so on. So, that you can have a different bathing experience.

The built in LUV drive can greatly enhance the water pressure and spray out wide-ranging mist through water holes. Under conditions of low water pressure, a suitable pressure can be maintained with more water conservation.Composite premium ABS make your shower head more durable and insusceptible to corrosion. The surface of the handle adopted 5 layers plated materials for a better grip in hand and overheat prevention. Moreover, Silicone jet nozzles can remove dirt, minerals, hard water deposits, and are very easily cleaned and maintained.


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