Commercial Soap Dispenser


Key Features

  • PC material,can not be break at all,truly durable for long life time
  • Fashionable appearance and friendly use
  • Never occur block,even the debris dropped into,can be suck out successfully
  • Unique valve structure instead of  spring

5.Available for hotel,hospital,bathroom,etc,

6.Unique appearance,all comes our original design,own patented,




This product is a manual soap dispenser, which can be used for home, hotel, hospital or other places. It has the following features:

Fashionable&nice appearance.
Unique spring structure -Advanced silicone vacuum suction technology ,long life&never leakage.
Never occur block,even the debris dropped into,can be suck out successfully..
Spring is no needed, solve the rustiness and spring faliure problem caused by it.
With ABS material , cannot be break at all ,truly durable for using .
Variety of detergents: soap ,shampoo,cleanser.

Available for star hotels,hospitals,office buildings and other places,also for the family.

The Liquid Soap Dispenser using the selected Advanced Engineering Plastics, which has no smells and has good corrosion resistance, so that the products can use long lasting.

It has detachable liner, can easy to clean, add the liquid soap or service it.

Also has great Liquid outlet, so that the liquid soap can out smoothly,  uniformly and make customer feel comfortable to use.


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