Bio Pad 100 (Zkteco)

32,500.00 24,999.00

Key Features

  • The touchscreen  of 7 inches
  • Wi-Fi facilitation
  • Network communication
  • Support proximity, Mifare or HID card
  • Built-in 300,000 cameras to capture real-time photos


The performance of work efficiency is directly proportionate to the punctuality and regularity of the workers. To run a successful business, you should maintain your employees’ attendance. For which Babaturi offers you an advanced form of keeping record by using BioPad 100. It has built in 30,000 cameras allows you to get real time photos of finger print providing strict security to your workplace and make sure the reliability and accuracy. In addition, attendance machine provides the capacity of 6,000 fingerprint templates for your workers at a particular time so that they will not waste their time waiting their turn and continue their projects on time. Biometric machine also monitors the entrance and exit time of every worker to maintain the regularity. Further, you can enjoy monitoring all operations and fingerprinting position accurately on a big screen of 7 inches relative to other attendance machines.

Besides, biometric device has the facility of wifi for monitoring all actions on your laptop or PC as well as you can also use USB cable to transfer the data in case of unavailability of the network connection. You can also make sure the data delivery through Network communication option. Moreover, fingerprint scanner system is supported proximity, Mifare or HID (optional features). Last but not least, you can run the operation with good precision and secure the employees information by using backup battery (also optional).


  • Fingerprint Templates : 6000
  • Transactions : 50,000
  • RFID Cards : 10000
  • Communication : USB Host
  • Algorithm : Finger V10.0
  • Power Supply : 12V DC 2A
  • Dimensions : 180 x 13 x 32 mm


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