Bathroom Toilet Sticker

2,250.00 1,599.00

Key Features

  • Fancy sticker
  • Decorate you bathroom
  • Premium quality



If you want to decor your bathroom and make it beautiful and comfortable than you can use stickers. Stickers are not as such stickers which can damage your toilet or walls. They are PCV environmentally friendly stickers which can easily stick and easily removable without damaging your property. They can also be reused. Give your bathroom a unique look, create a relaxed atmosphere.

They can be applied to any smooth surface, such as toilet, glass door, window pane, ceramic tiles in kitchen or bathroom, home appliance, air-condition, and car body.

Cute flower wallpaper is fitted for decorating Nursery Rooms, Study Rooms, Offices, Bedrooms, Dining Rooms and so on. After decor with these posters your space definitely gonna be very relaxed and mildness.

If you need to tear off the wall sticker, you would better use hair dryer hot air blowing for a while, then slowly tore down.


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