Attendance Machine (F22)(Zkteco)

27,500.00 24,500.00

Key Features

  • 2.4-inch TFT color screen and Touch keys
  • Ultra thin and elegant design
  • Full Access Control Features
  • Standard Wi-Fi
  • Built-in auxiliary input with enhanced flexibility
  • Multiple Verification Modes


Do you want to get exact attendance report of your staff each month without hiring a particular person for it? Babaturi offers you a best F22 attendance machine which is a ultra thin fingerprint reader for monitoring all the employees’ entry and exit time with high accuracy and excellent matching speed. The staff can mark their attendance with high verification speed by using different modes such as 3000 fingerprint templates and 5000 ID Card or Mifare card scanning capacity as well as 30,000 transaction capacity at a time to save their time for waiting their turn and continue their remaining projects. Also, you can get high image quality on 2.4 inch TFT LCD color display along with BioID sensor and operate all functions on touch keypad easily. Likewise, biometric reader has infrared auto detection to facilitate everyone to use the reader in low or dim light without any external light source to keep your system secure from any misuse.

However, F22 has the access control terminal which you can use it standalone or giving an access to 3rd party panel to manage all the system easily without your availability so that everyone will not get lazy about their duty in your absence. Furthermore, you can also transfer all the details of the workers to PC or laptop via TCP/IP, wifi or RS485 port to get the record worksheet of each employee at the end of month to evaluate their performance.


  • Display : 2.4-inch TFT LCD Color Screen
  • Fingerprint Capacity : 3000
  • Card Capacity : 5000(Optional) ID or mifare card
  • Transaction Capacity : 30,000
  • Sensor : Bio ID Sensor/ SilkID Sensor (optional)
  • Algorithm Version : ZKFinger VX10.0
  • Communication : RS232/485, TCP/IP, USB-host,Wi-Fi
  • Power Supply : 12V DC,3A
  • Dimension (LxWxH) : 158.5×78.0x19.4 mm


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