Anti-Pressure Neck Protection Pillow


Key Features

  • Improve cervical vertebra comfort, improves blood circulation for side sleepers.
  • Free Hands, Improve Sleep Quality, Waist Protection.
  • Ideal sleeping solution for persons napping in a seated position during the office lunch break, at school, while traveling
  • Best for Couples.



This unique, Slow Rebound Pressure Pillow is just what the doctor ordered for a comfortable night’s sleep for all you side-sleepers.

Keeps your arm from falling asleep
This Pillow Prevents Your Arm From Going Numb While Sleeping

Cuddle-bugs of the world, rejoice! Whether you’re the “big spoon” or the little one, It looks pretty good for your next snuggle sesh and cuddle up.
X shape Pillow like a tiny, foam-covered tunnel, the X shape pillow is designed so the big spoon can cuddle in comfort — that person’s arm goes underneath and through the domed tunnel, while the little-spoon-person’s head rests on top.
So cuddle up, close to your loved one, and never worry again about waking with an aching, numb arm!

  • [Creative]Ergonomic design, effective fit to the human cervical vertebrae, soft support, cervical vertebra comfort.
  • [Providing perfect support] With a perfect curved shape design, this memory foam pillow can perfectly place the arm under the pillow to prevent the arm from being pressed during the sleeping journey and causing pain.
  • [New design quality memory foam] Luxury memory foam filling with 5 seconds return technology, comfortable and durable, cushioning the body and relieving painful pressure points, bringing ultimate relaxation.
  • [ Best choice for couples] When a couple is sleeping, use this pillow to hug, don’t worry about arm numbness. It is also great for naps, making it easier to work in the office.
  • [Gift] You can also buy for relatives, friends, colleague, classmate, parents. This is the perfect gift.


  • Material : ABS (frame) board and memory foam core, 100% polyester cover
  • Size : about 35*30*13 cm/14*12*5 inches
  • Weight : About 530g


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