Acer Aspire Charger (4730ZG)


Key Features

  • Specially designed Built-in protection against unexpected power surge damages.
  • Besides, Stable voltage and noise reduction.




For making user convenience on load shedding days. The Babaturi comes up with Aser Aspire Charger (4730ZG). Acer Aspire 4730ZG Charger is specially designed with built-in protection to protect your computer against unexpected power surge damages. Besides, it also features stable voltage and noise reduction. The charger supports the computer to prevent it from any technical issue. It is built to give ease to the user. The output type is DC Power. The Acer Aspire is known as the best brand in electronic devices. Thus the Acer charger made up of high quality that prevent computer or laptops with any shortcircuits or load sheddings.


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