3D Google Virtual Reality Advanced Glasses

4,500.00 2,500.00

Key Features

  • Fully compatible with Android and i phones with 4-6 inches screen.
  • Adjustable Straps make it convenient and release pressure on nose.
  • It have reasonable focal length without any adjustments.


Are you ready to go in the world of virtual reality like a cinema? 3D VR Glasses is designed on the amazing entertaining technology which has the capacity to change your smart phone into the cinema at your home. You can enjoy watching movies and listening music in 3D high quality by just wearing these glasses without go to any cinema or see on projector screen. You can also play games through using remote control and enjoy high resolution screen just like you are a part of that game.

Google Virtual reality glasses, an AMAZING Entertaining Technology, that change your smartphone into an expensive virtual reality viewer. With these VR glasses,you may

  • Enjoy exciting world of Virtual reality: Become co-fighter with Kung Fu Panda, travel the streets of Chicago or become the He roof 3D games.
  • These VR Glasses are fully compatible with Android and i phones with 4-6 inches screen, and enjoy more than 300 VR apps on apple store or google play
  • This VR headset is with Bluetooth Remote, you can Select, forward, reverse movie,music, play games and many other functions without touching mobile phones.
  • Best VR Glasses in Pakistan is with remote, you don’t need to open VR box to change the movie or game. Everything is in controlled by Bluetooth
  • Made with non-toxic environmental material
  • Have specially made Security breathable foam for comfort
  • Best Virtual reality glasses in Pakistan at best Price
  • Compatible for both androids and ios.
  • Adjustable Straps make it convenient and release pressure on nose.
  • Use fresnel lenses third generation oculus to protect your eyes and for longer time use without dizzy, also it have reasonable focallength without any adjustments.
  • The most important point about the safety of your eyes explained as the lens which are used in these glasses are Fresnel third generation oculus that enable your eyes secure. Also VR glasses has reasonable focal length to make you relaxed and prevent your eyes from any tiredness or dizziness so that you can watch for longer time in your leisure time.
  • Moreover, the Bluetooth remote has vast functions of controlling the Smartphone without touching it. You can forward and reverse the movie, change songs, play games and do many other tasks through remote. You do not feel to open the VR box for using your mobile phone because everything is already controlled by Bluetooth. You just lay down or sit down in relaxed posture and get pleasure from 3D world. Lastly, these glasses are suitable for all android and iphone mobile having 4 – 6 inches screen and amuse from more than 300 google apps.


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